FC Fluff

Frisbee Club Flevopark Ultimate Frisbee Friends

Ultimate Frisbee every Monday!

Winter season has started, so now we play indoors at OBS De Dapper, every Monday @ 20:00.

Joining the Nederlandse Frisbee Bond (NFB)

We are becoming an actual sports association! Yearly NFB membership per player is 15 euro. We—the association and individual players—will also fall under NFB rules.

Become a Fluffie

To sign up for membership, send an email to team@fcfluff.nl or talk to us on Mondays.

The Hammer Times

Our very irregularly published magazine. Ripe for a reboot.

[BREAKING] Is Fluff ready for its first tournament? + Exclusive interview with "Is this amazing?" Jasper

Issue #2 — 2019, April (?)

Discs were spinning, a new beginning

Issue #1 — 2019, January