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The Hammer Times

Discs were spinning, a new beginning

Issue #1 — 2019, January

Dear Fluff Member,

It's 2019 and we're two weeks in. Millennial trendwatchers say that New Year’s resolutions are not in fashion anymore, but frisbee enthusiasts (or "ultimate" enthusiasts, for the real fanatics) are known to be the exception on the rule on many facets of life. All 11 players that were present last Monday, and Gerard from our stamkroeg Gijs de Rooy, have officially set a personal goal for 2019 shown in the list below.

We wish them veel success!

Game Report

OBS De Dapper, 14th January ‘19

Line up: Aydan, Sem, Biserka, Mitja, Franz, Sofie, Irene, Leon, Nicolien, Ashraf, Katharina.

Game starts high in energy, though some players in the German team (Mitja, Franz, Katharina) show signs of after-dinner sluggishness in first 20 minutes. Meanwhile team Orange (Sem, Irene, Biserka) slips several excellent short pass goals, leaving no chance for defense. Germans rearrange and make several family points, resulting in slightly exaggerated excitement, as it’s only a 3-3 set up. Team German transfers all players as soon as fresh players arrive at the site. Aydan hurts pink during catch but continues playing. Despite recovering from his half marathon seems to be up and running.

«I have a 15 minute break listening to Ashraf’s adventures in Egypt»

Second half, grote zaal.

Fluff is definitely upping its game, players moving swiftly, executing successful stacks and cuts. Big collapse of Sem and Mitja, nobody harmed. The opponents rise equally in goal count. Then an error-strewn couple of minutes occurs, which sees very few passes find their target, talent scout is unimpressed and leaves. The chaos ends with Franz throwing himself against the backwall. Franz leaves the field injured but will re-enter field later. Is advised to put knee in sink. Game continues still at erratic pace. Further highlights: Sem makes a monkey move pushing himself from the back wall while catching disc. Katharina executes perfect Tai Chi defense kick. Members of same team, and longtime university friends, Sofie and Irene walk into each other face frontal. Time for final point. Team Sem and the meiden are winning but risking all efforts: whoever makes the final point wins. Opponents run with the prize in a matter of seconds, as Mitja catches last disc.

Lesson of the week: the first step to losing your bidginity is knowing the bid

What’s a bid?

When a player dives or jumps for the disc either on offense or defense. A bid is basically a player diving, falling intentionally, jumping, or any more-than-average attempt to catch the disc. Bidding is an essential part of Ultimate on both offense and defense. In addition, it looks freakin’ awesome.

Losing your bidginity

Similar to the word “virginity,” bidginity relates to the first time someone bids. Bidding is a mindset everybody has to overcome. Running full speed and bellyflopping the ground for the first time can be intimidating. It may be uncomfortable at first, and there might even be a little blood. But once it’s all over you’ll realize it wasn’t so bad and that you kind of want to do it again. Everyone will praise you for finally losing your bidginity and you’ll want to tell everyone the exact details of the moment. Most people lose it in college or even high school, and there’s always that one kid that lost it in middle school. Don’t be that person that goes through life never losing their bidginity. There is nothing that will bring you closer to the sport you love, so don’t be afraid to get down and dirty.